Another 3000 Sets of Virus Killing Air Purifier For bus Installed for Yutong in May



With the summer coming in China, the bus ac is used more frequently and for this special time that coronavirus expand, a closed space is not good for passengers health. So how to deal with this situation to turn on the bus air conditioners and meanwhile keep passengers safe?


To install a bus air purifier is a good choice. KingClima virus killing device 2020 is especially designed for bus air conditioners, and we have two models of this virus killing device 2020 for single air grill and double air grill.



Now in May, 2020, to calling to government’s policy and Yutong bus installed another 3000 sets of air purifiers for the bus ac to keep the passengers safe and health! From March and to May, Yutong bus has already installed 6000 sets of air purifier for bus ac, which improved passengers safe in this special time to anti-coronavirus.



As for now, the bus air purifiers haven’t been popular in the world, and we promoted our virus killing device because of the coronavirus expand. It is a great chance to be our distributors to sell this bus air purifiers. Welcome your enquiry!

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