Bus Air Purifier System Installation Feedback from Peru Customer



Since from the March or 2020, KingClima promote our bus air purifier devices to the market, our customers who are in the filed of buses shows their great interest and purchased some of the sample orders to test it.


Recently, one of our customers from Peru named Mr. Hans give us the installation feedback for the uv air purifier for bus to install a tour coach bus. This air purifier with uv light for bus ac installed for the single air return bus air conditioner and the display screen is in the up of bus, which passengers can see the air quality clearly.


Mr. Hans and his customers are very satisfied with this uv lamp air purifier after knowing its 3 layers filter system can efficiently control and kill the virus to keep passengers a safe bus trip. In this special time, the air purifier system for bus is a necessary device to keep the passengers safe like the masks to protect virus against us!


We support sample orders and we have all the certifications that to prove its efficiency and no-harm to human. 

I am Mr. Wang, a technical engineer, to provide you with customized solutions.

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