Welcome Customer Visit KingClima Bus AC Unit Factory



It maybe the last big orders of bus ac unit in the year of 2019, and we receive our customer from Middle East country. It’s so nice and happy to cooperate with customer in the bus air conditioner field.


Before visit our factory, he also visit other two bus air conditioner manufacturer in China, it is Jingyi bus air conditioner factory and Taichang bus ac unit. After that, he decided to visit us too.

Our general manager Larry Shao is experienced in the bus air conditioners filed for over 15 years, and customer in this field for over 30 years! They have so much common words to discuss and like an old friends to talk 

more even if they met each other first time! Professional person always like to talk with professional people.     

Next they visit our bus air conditioners factory, really amazing and wonderful of the factory. Neat, tidy, automated, professional, fast... all the good words from customer to our factory. That is why he decided to purchase one container of bus air conditioners at once in the factory! No hesitation! Thank you for the trust!  

Not only the above reason, but also KingClima bus air conditioner price is so competitive and have so many units export to Middle East that can bear the ambient temperature over 60℃! So the high quality is also our big reason to success.


Thank you for our partners trust and in the coming new year, would you like to visit us? We are wait for your coming! 

I am Mr. Wang, a technical engineer, to provide you with customized solutions.

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