10 FAQs about Parking Air Conditioner



Want to know more about truck sleeper air conditioner? Now see this article that KingClima concluded into 10 FAQs about parking air conditioner from our customers that may help to you.


FAQ1: Why Choose DC Powered Air Conditioner to Replace AC Powered Air Conditioner?


It is more economical and fuel-saving with DC powered truck parking air conditioner than with a AC powered ac unit. Besides that, truck sleeper cab air conditioners have a broad application on the mobile carriers.

For example that KingClima E-Clima series, CoolPro series and GoCooler series truck cab air conditioners have already help our customers on cooling solutions for RVs, trucks, construction machinery cabs, mining machinery cabs, yachts and so on. With DC powered air conditioners, it doesn’t need to connect engine and transformer devices.


★ FAQ2: How does the DC Powered Truck Cab Air Conditioners Working?

 162732456.jpgThe energy is direct from 12V or 24V direct current that vehicle battery provide, so when the truck or vehicle engine is off, the cooling system is continuous and very fuel-saving.

★ FAQ 3: No fuel consumption when use the truck parking air conditioner?

Of course when you use the DC powered parking truck air conditioners, the fuel consumption is up to zero. When the vehicle is running, the generator can charge the vehicle battery continuously, and the ac units only need this part of 12V or 24V current to work.


★ FAQ4: How many battery that I need in order to perform the DC powered air conditioner?


It is depended on the fact. For example, when your truck(or other mobile carriers) is running, it can be recharged battery circulating, so 2 sets of 12V batteries are enough, and usually the sleeper cab air conditioners can be used for the 6 hours at night to relax. 

But if you need to run the truck sleeper air conditioners for longer time(more than 6 hours), we recommend to add on an independent battery or 24V generator.kingclima-parking-truck-cab-air-conditioners-application4.jpg


★ FAQ5: If the trucks(or other vehicles) do not work for a long time and do not have charge battery either, can I connect a power system/generator/APU to run the parking truck air conditioner?


Yes, you can. Just a Industrial power supply or 24V gas/diesel generator can operate the air conditioners.


★ FAQ6: How many types of your electric truck cab air conditioners?


img_515286.pngAs for now, we have the E-Clima series, CoolPro series and GoCooler series parking truck cab air conditioners, which have the most completed models of ac units to meet all kinds of commercial vehicles, trucks or constructions cooling solutions. 

Just feel free to contact us for the recommendation, we are professional and specialist for the cooling solutions for over 15 years.


★ FAQ7: How can I maintain my parking truck air conditioners?


The high quality of KingClima parking truck cab ac units with integrated design have the very reliable performance, drivers just need to clean the air filter and condenser regularly for maintenance. Also KingClima distributors are around the world to provide best after sales service, which are very convenient and fast to maintain.


★ FAQ8: If I use the air conditioners when parking, how can I make sure whether I can also start my trucks still?


Please don’t worry about this point. All of our truck parking air conditioners have the low voltage protection system, and when the vehicle battery voltage is lower than its starting voltage, it will be off the power supply automatically, stop working to make sure your trucks start.

★ FAQ9: How many hours that parking truck cab air conditioners can last for?


It is depended on battery. Usually, a 200 amp-hr battery can work the ac units for 6-8 hours. In fact, our parking truck air conditioners adopt inverter compressor, which can adjust the compressor rotate speed according to ambient temperature, so it will work for longer time. u=4070053476,798038771&fm=214&gp=0.png


★ FAQ10: Why the parking truck cab air conditioners are more and more popular?


For many years, KingClima is devoted to the auto cooling solutions according to customers demands, and we update our product again and again, to best suit for truck drivers or construction machinery operators demands. Bring them a comfortable and economical environment. 

For the further, KingClima will never stop the step to customers demands, and we will keep in mind with marketing, to provide professorial and completed cooling solutions to all walks of life!

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