FAQs of Bus Air Purifier



Here are some FAQs to help you know more of bus air purifier system.


FAQ 1. What is bus air purifier?


Bus air purifier is also called as bus air cleaning device or bus air virus killing device, to install the place of bus air conditioner air return grille for 7-18m buses (included into articulator buses and double decker buses ) which is used for killing virus, bacteria and microorganism, and decreasing PM2.5 with its 3 filters technology included into photocatalyst, plasma and UV lamp.


FAQ 2. Can the bus air purifier kill Coronavirus or other virus?


To be honest, there is no testing organization have the ability to test it and it is very dangerous and not allowed. The main feature of coronavirus is its transmissibility not intractability. It can be definitely say with the 3 filter technology the virus or coronavirus will be controlled and killed. So it is very important and necessary to install the bus air purifier, which can keep the air safe and cyclic in bus.



FAQ 3. Where the bus air purifier installed?


It is installed in the bus air conditioner air return grille.


FAQ 4. What if the non-ac bus to install bus air purifier ?


We have another air purifier, which are designed for non-ac bus, it is celling mounted air purifier. It has a small fan inside and it works independently.



FAQ 5. What is the difference between home air purifier and bus air purifier ?


Bus air purifier is specialized for bus ac with plasma, medical uv lamp and photocatalyst filter technology. Home air purifier is only for home use, not have these 3 filter technology.


FAQ 6. How many sets of bus air purifier that should install for one bus?


It depends on the air return grilles. No matter single return air grille or double return air grille bus ac, the bus air purifier quantity should be matched with air grilles quantity.



FAQ 7. Does the UV lamp of bus air purifier do any harm to human beings ?


We do not deny that the ultraviolet ray do harm to human beings. But don’t worry, only exposing to the ultraviolet ray that will do harm to human beings. And here is the 4 reasons that you should know the bus air purifier is very safe.

① The bus air purifier is installed inside of air return grille;

② It has a grille in return air grille;

③ The UV lamp is in the middle place, some of UV will be absorbed in by photocatalyst;

④ The most important is that return air grille is upside of bus aisle, cannot expose passengers directly.


FAQ 8. Do I need to buy display screen?


The display screen is optional, used to monitor air quality in the bus, and customers can choose it according to demands. We suggest to buy some display screens to test the purifier efficiency.



FAQ 9. Does the bus air purifier work together with ozonator?


Of course the two devices can works together. Bus air purifier main function is cleaning air and ozonator main function is killing mucedine and microorganism in bus air channel. Besides that, we can supply two models of self-timing ozonator:

A. Works 3 minutes, stop 3 minutes and recycle;

B. Works 15 minutes, stop 45 minutes and recycle;

It is a very small device, use it with bus air purifier, to improve sterilization and disinfection.



FAQ 10. Do you have any certifications?


We have the CE certifications and RoHS certifications. Meantime, we are applying the parent.


FAQ 11. Is that easy to install? How do you provide technology support?


We have very detailed installation document and video, it is very easy to install. Besides that, we also have some distributors in some countries that can provide installation service.


FAQ 12. What is the bus air purifier vulnerable parts ? Can it change for new?


We can provide photocatalyst grille parts change for now. The UV lamp can works for 2,0000 hours, no need to change.


FAQ 13. What is the voltage for bus air purifier ?


We mainly produce 24V voltage, but if customers need 12V,we can provide a converter.


FAQ 14. What is your agent agreement? How could I be agent?


As for now, we can only agree that the one agent to manage one city, not country. According to 1 year’s sales evaluate, we will assign one agent in a country. For the more details, please contact us directly. 

I am Mr. Wang, a technical engineer, to provide you with customized solutions.

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