Is there any Harm to Human to Install Anti-Virus Device for Bus Air



Effected by the coronavirus in the world, every countries try to make effort to control the virus expand, especially for the public transportation, to keep a safe and health trip is so important, and it is also KingClima’s goal to promote our bus air purifier system products in the market.


Of which, our virus killing device 2020 is very popular among customers when we promote it in the market. But in the meanwhile, some customers or or our competitors doubt that is there any harm to human to use the bus air purifier?


Photo: Bus Air Purifier Bring You Safe Trip

We definitively give the answer: there is no harm and very safe!

Let give the conclusion in the first with the following proof and report.

It is impossible to kill virus without UV lamp, and our competitors cheat customers to use their air purifier only with Plasma and Photocatalytic but without UV lamp says that it can kill virus, that is very mendacious! 

Our virus killing device 2020 has 3 layers filter system:

1. Plasma technology

2. Photocatalytic catalysis

3. UVC Ultraviolet radiator (UV Lamp)


Photo: 3 layers of KingClima bus air purifier structure 

These three layers can efficiently not only filter air but also kill virus, that is only KingClima industry have this products and has already used for Yutong bus for over 10 years with very matured technology! 


When some people see the UV lamp and may think that it will have some harm to people. The UV lamp takes a very important role in the virus killing. But it is known to us all that exposed to the ultraviolet ray long term may result in skin cancer. But in different situations, it has different results.

The truth is that only rely on photocatalyst, plasma and HAPA, which can not disinfection and sterilization, even to kill the virus! Some of our competitors in Italy only use these materials to control virus, that is impossible to kill the virus! But our bus air purifier not only adopts  photocatalyst and plasma but also use the UV lamp and ozone, which can be definitively kill the virus!


We feel very shamed of that our competitor in Italy to said that the false news to to customers that the their bus air purifier without UV lamp can kill virus!


UVA, UVB and UVC that You should Know

According to the wave band length, ultraviolet ray is variety of 3 : UVA, UVB and UVC.

UVA: the wave length is 320nm - 400nm, belongs to long wave ultraviolet, has a strong penetrating power, which can penetrate the middle of skin, if exposed to it for long term, it will make skin get tan.


UVB: the wave length is 290nm - 320nm, belongs to middle ultraviolet, can penetrate the surface of skin, if exposed to it for long term, it may result in skin cancer.


UVC: the wave band length is 200nm - 290nm, belongs to short ultraviolet, have a poor penetrating power. It cannot penetrate glass, and it is often called as “Medical ultraviolet lamp“, can be used for hospital and bus field.


So why we definitively sure that our bus air purifier with UV lamp is safe?

1. Our bus air purifier system adopts UVC lamp, it belongs to short wave band ultraviolet, no harm to human being.

2. The bus air purifier installs in the return air grill, and the return air grill is in the above of aisle, it cannot expose the ultraviolet to people directly.

3. The UV lamp is in the interlayer of bus air purifier, when it works, photocatalyst will absorb in part of ultraviolet ray, and another part of will be blocked by the separation net in return air grill, so it cannot expose to people.

4. We make an report that to test the ozone residual volume and UV light leakage volume, and then we compared the the data in report with the national standard or the result standard that can result in harm to human. The report says our ozone residual volume up to standard and the UV light leakage volume cannot produce any harm to human.

5. We make another report that to test the bus air purifier without UV lamp whether can efficiently kill virus. The report says that only with photocatalyst, plasma and HAPA cannot kill virus, it only have the function to filter air. But with UV lamp, it can kill 99% virus in the air. 


Our bus air purifier is not only filter air, but also can purifier air, kill the virus, bring fresh and health air. 

Yutong bus as the leading manufacturer of bus in the world have a very strict test and investigation to the device that they use or they choose to keep a safe and comfortable trip. The bus air purifier has already 10 years technology, very matured and in the past ten years, almost every year, they will install 2000 sets of air purifier for the bus. And in this year from March to Mary, it is about 6000 sets of air purifier has installed for bus to anti-coronavirus.


With the summer coming, the bus air conditioners are used more frequently, if don’t use the bus air purifier, in the closed space, the bus air conditioning system will be the main medium to spread bacteria and virus, which are very harmful to the health. We recommend to that to install the bus air purifier, to filter the air in bus, bring more fresh and clean air, control and kill the virus in the air!


Distributors are Invited

It may a very good chance to sell this bus air purifier. We welcome distributors to join us, and sell it in local areas. As for now, we have already some distributors in the following countries:

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