Bus Air Purifier System - The UV Air Filter For A Safe Bus Trip



Bus Air Purifier System Introduction

Bus air purifier system also can be also called as bus air cleaning system or high efficiency particulate air filter for bus or antimicrobial air purifier for bus. It is used for bus, have a uv lamp (that is why someone call it as uv air filter for bus)to have the function of disinfection and sterilization with different bus air purifier devices. For example: with different devices, the functions are as following:


1. kill virus and neutralizes bacteria.

2. remove bad smell.

3. generate fresh air.


Please see more details of KingClima Bus Air Purifier System


bus-air-purifier-system-1.jpgVirus Killing Device 2020

Only for bus ac, to install the bus air grille place, two size, for less 9m bus or over 9m bus. 3 layers filter system (Plasma technology, UVC ultraviolet radiation, photocatalyst ), efficiently kill virus!



bus-air-purifier-system-2.jpgSmart Display Screen

To monitor the air quality in bus, vans, or some other small close space. Gesture control, very convenient to control, easy to install. We have 12V/24V/220V voltage for choice.




bus-air-purifier-system-3.jpgVan/Bus Air Purifier

It is celling mounted air purifier, used for the bus or vans that have no ac. Fit it rooftop of bus or van.




bus-air-purifier-system-4.jpgBus Air Anion Generator

Only used for bus, to install the bus ac air return air grille place. Can generate negative ions, fresh air, do health to people.



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