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Recently, Kingclima sign with Bosch Alternator Chinese factory with low price, duct to Bosch Alternator business was acquisition by Chinese company, and further more Bosch Alternator will not be used



Bosch Alternator Introduction


Bosch Alternator product number: F 042 308 018 (without pulley) / F 042 308 019 (double groove pulley) / F 042 308 021 (double groove pulley) / F 042 308 020 (eight groove pulley)

System voltage: 24V

Working environment: -40 degrees Celsius - 100 degrees Celsius

Maximum output current: 150A (hot state) Steering: clockwise (subject to drive)

Reference number: 8SC3238VC


Bosch Alternator Strengths

• Voltage regulator 100% tested for OE voltage specifications (new on GM and Ford)

• Rectifier 100% tested (new on Ford)

•Diodes 100% tested (replaced with new as required)

• Rotor 100% performance-tested for maximum electrical output

• 100% new long life sealed bearings with special high load, high temperature grease

• Stator 100% insulation and phase balance tested

• Slip rings 100% new or remachined to +/- .05mm, the tightest tolerance in the industry

• 100% new long life self-lubricating brushes

• 100% new clutch pulleys

• All terminals, insulators and hardware provided

• All mounting points 100% gauged and resized or rethreaded for proper fit

• 100% computerized/full-load tested for total performance and output


Bosch Alternator Installation Notes:

1. The Bosch Alternator should be operated at a temperature of -40 ° C to 90 ° C and should be correctly, firmly and reliably installed in the engine or other vendor - approved location that can be to isolate the engine heat (distance should be ≥ 40 cm or add effective insulation panels).


2. When installing the Bosch Alternator,  the bolt must match and lock with the mounting hole of the generator. The pulley groove and the driving wheel groove should be in the same plane, and the belt tension should not be too loose or too tight. Generally, it is used to apply 150N (15 kg force) at 1/2 of the center of the two wheels, and press the belt almost 10~20mm is better.


3. The wiring of the Bosch Alternator must be properly connected, and only the 2W indicator light can be connected between the L-terminal indicator light and the positive output. Positive, and the negative output lead cross-sectional area S should meet the requirements of the vehicle power, for example: when the lead is ≤ 4.5m, S = 25m㎡. When the lead length is between 4.5~7.5m, S=35m㎡ ,the S reference value of the excitation lead and other signal lines is as follows: when the length is ≤4.5m, S=1.55mm2, and the length is between 4.5~7.5m When, then S = 2.5 mm2. Remember! Do not pick up the wrong! So as not to cause damage to electrical components.


4. When the Bosch Alternator is operated with air conditioning load [50~70A], its working speed is n=2000r/min, and the long-term continuous running speed is n>8000r/min.


5. This Bosch Alternator series of motor rotors are eight pairs of claws. Pay special attention when sampling electronic tachometers.


6. When the Bosch Alternator is disassembled and the vehicle is subjected to electric welding, the battery and generator must be disconnected.


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