BUS AC Compressor introduction



    Bus ac compressor is the most important part for the full bus ac system. It is the compressor that drives the refrigeration to recycle through all the channels and tubes of the AC system.Compressor is connected to the bus engine by pulley belt ( if the distance between compressor and engine is too long there shall be a tensioner to make the belt tight and straight).when there is no need to open the AC ,with the help of clutch ,the engine will only drive the belt pulley to rotate not the full compressor.


    Bus AC compressor consists of crankshaft ,valve plate ,piston, piston connecting rod,cylinder,full gasket set,shut off valve,oil pump,oil filter shaft seal etc.

    When summer comes and you want to use the ac ,its strongly suggested to firstly open the ac switch and let the compressor operate for at least 10 minutes .because after long time of no use the oil and refrigeration inside the compressor needs sometime to lubricate well enough.


    There are many different compressor brands all over the world. BOCK BITZER VALEO and THERMOKING are the most well-known and popular ones.KINGCLIMA can provide our customer with original BOCK FK40 390k 470k 560k 655k BOCK FK 50 460k 555k 660k 775k 830k 980k compressor and all the spare parts for them. The large stock ensures a very fast delivery time.Besides all compressor models for BITZER VALEO THERMOKING and HIGHLY (used for full electric bus) are available in our stock. If you need any of them please feel free to contact us.



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