BOCK/BITZER Piston Compressor & Highly Scroll Compressor



BOCK/BITZER Piston Compressor & Highly Scroll Compressor

Key words: bus ac scroll compressor, bus air conditioning battery compressor

Description: This paper would like to description the positive-displacement compressor: piston compressor and scroll compressor. First of all, it is necessary to know the positive-displacement compressor and the major brands of it. And then, a new development trend about piston compressor will be discussed. 

What is the Positive-Displacement Compressor ?

One compressor can account for 30% to 40% of the cost of the entire air conditioner. The quality of the refrigeration system is also closely related to the compressor, so when purchasing air conditioners, It is very important to have a understanding of the compressors. A good compressor will have better performance in terms of service life, noise and energy efficiency.

There are many kinds of bus AC compressor in the world. Bock, Bitzer, Highly belong to positive-displacement compressor. Meantime, positive-displacement compressor includes piston compressor and scroll compressor. Bock and Bitzer compressor as a famous brands are piston compressor and Highly as a new environmentally friendly compressor is scroll compressor.

Working Principle of Positive-Displacement Compressor

Piston Compressor

The piston compressor has a long history and mature production technology. The working principle of piston compressor is change the gas volume by reciprocating the piston in the cylinder. 


Scroll Compressor

Scroll compressor is no reciprocating mechanism, so the structure is simple, small in size, light in weight, few parts (especially less wearing parts), high reliability;The torque changes little, the balance is high, the vibration is small, the operation is stable, so the operation is simple and easy to realize automation; High efficiency in the range of cooling capacity that it adapts and low noise.


Major Brands of Positive-Displacement Compressor

Bock FK40/50 Series Compressor

Bock compressor is a Germany brand. All models of Bock compressors are lubricated by oil pump, with stable oil pressure, sufficient lubrication and good lubrication effect to ensure reliable operation.

Bitzer 4N/P/T/U/FC & 6N/P/T/UFC Series Compressor

Bitzer compressor includes suction and exhaust shut-off valves and flange connection to ensure easy maintenance and no leakage of the refrigeration system.


Highly Compressor

Highly Compressor is manufactured by Shanghai Highly (Group) Co.. LTD. of China. It includes three core technologies: vortex fluid compressor machinery, permanent magnet synchronous motor 360° frequency conversion control.


Advantages Between Bock, Bitzer And Highly


Bock & Bitzer Compressor

A variety of standard refrigerants can be used in Bitzer and Highly Compressors such as R134a, R404a, R507, R407C, R22 for air conditioning, general refrigeration and cryogenic refrigeration applications. The maximum allowable operating pressure is 28 bar. It can basically meet your needs.

Wide range of applications, no need to add coolant.

Minimum installation space requirements, the small mounting height and width could be application.


Highly Compressor


Flexible scroll compression structure

Resistant to liquid refrigerant impact

Smooth operation, low noise and vibration


Environmental protection:

Use environmentally friendly refrigerant

High efficiency DC frequency conversion technology



Modular design for hybrid

Pure electric, fuel cell models


Under the rapid development of electric car, all-electric compressor has been promoted. All parts of Highly electric compressor are driven by electricity. Highly electric compressor is becoming popular with its competitive price and high quality.

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