KK-400 Bus AC (New Designed)

Driven Type : Engine Direct Driven
Cooling Capacity : 40KW/ 34,482Cal/h/13,7931BTU
Compressor : Bock 655K
Evaporator Air Flow (m³/h) : 7000m³/h
Condenser Air Flow (m³/h) : 9500m³/h

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Traditional Bus Air Conditioner


Brief Introduction of KK-400 Bus Air Conditioner

KK-400 is Rooftop Mounted Unit which designed for large city bus of 11-13M or coach of 11-13M,

the compressor is powered by vehicle engine, and the control system is powered by an independent alternator.

KK-400 with 40kw cooling capacity, equipped with Bock 655K compressors (or choose the more larger displacement compressors for hot ambient temperate places), suit for 11-13m city buses or coaches. 


Photo: details of KK-400 bus air conditioners 

Features of KK-400 Bus AC Unit

★Light : Front windward design, micro-channel condenser, 5% less in fuel consumption, and weight is only 170kgs.

★ Convenient: Only by unfolding the side cover, most job can be done. Self-positioning pneumatic supporter for better safety and labor-saving.

★ Low-noise:  Experiments have shown that the return wind speed decreased by 32% , fan noise is reduced by 3 dB compared to conventional product.

★ Beautiful: The shape is simple and generous, thin and flexible, full of the beauty of dexterity.

★Environmental: The density of RTM (Resin Transfer Molding)is less than 1.6, the thickness is between 2.8mm and 3.5mm.

★Efficient:The evaporator core has been upgraded from φ9.52*(6*7) to φ7*(6*9), achieves 20% higher in heat exchange efficiency. 

Technical Data

Technical of KK-400 Air Conditioning System for Bus 



Cooling Capacity (Kcal/h)


Heating Capacity (Kcal/h)


Evaporator Air Flow (m³/h)


Condenser Air Flow (m³/h)


Compressor Displacement(CC)


Total Weight


Overall Dimensions(MM)



11-13 meter buses

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